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Video Premiere

Wednesday, July 22


Video will be added to the gallery window on July22.

Final installment of video for ONLINE & THROUGH THE WINDOW

Part I Ave Maria includes an audio recording of my Japanese student Yuri Ozawa on violin.

A Note about the Videos


The videos presented here were created specifically for this online exhibition. Most  sound and imagery derive from recent backyard recordings, sometimes remixed with pre-existing audio and video footage.

A variation of these videos can be viewed through the State of the Art Gallery window. The visual aspect is emphasized, as the screening is silent and in a continual loop. In this online presentation, viewers have control over sound, viewing sequence, and the choice to fast forward, reverse or skip through randomly.

When creating these videos, I was inspired by Brian Eno's ideas about creating slow motion video that challenged the typical tv and film viewer's expectations of slickly edited, fast paced narrative-driven stories, saying he would rather create a video that, " can look at and walk away from as one would a painting: it sits still and you move." Upon return, a person would notice a slight change in composition, as the video was slowly moving over time.

The images and video presented on this website are not an afterthought, or simulacrum of a real time exhibition. This website is  meant to be consumed/enjoyed/viewed/heard as an online experience.

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